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Privacy Policy

What kind of personal data does use?

If you make a reservation, you will be asked for your name and e-mail address. You may also be asked for your home address, phone number, payment details, names of people traveling with you, and preferences about your accommodation.

To manage your reservations more easily, you can open a user account. So you can save your personal settings, write reviews about your previous reservations, and manage future reservations.

When you visit our Internet sites, even if you do not make a reservation, we can collect some specific information, such as your IP address, which browser you are using, and the operating system of your computer, as well as the application version, language settings and pages displayed to you.

If you're using a mobile device, we can also gather data that identifies your mobile device, device-specific settings and features, and latitude / longitude details. When you make a reservation, our system records in which way and through which internet sites you book.

We can also get information about you when you use social media services.

Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions include all services rendered via the internet, e-mail or telephone, either directly or indirectly (through distributors), with possible changes from time to time. You acknowledge and agree that you have read, understand and agree to the following terms and conditions (including confidentiality agreements) by entering our website, visiting our site, using our site and / or making a reservation.

These pages, the content and infrastructure of these pages as well as the online facility reservation service provided through these pages and through this website are owned by and only your personal and non-commercial use has been allocated in accordance with the terms and conditions set out below.

1. Scope of our Service

In this website, we ( and its affiliated (distribution partners)) may declare rooms for all kinds of temporary accommodation facilities (eg hotels, motels, hostels and bed & breakfast facilities, collectively " We provide an online environment where your site can book-like bookings. By making a reservation through you will be entering into a direct (legally binding) contract with the facility you have booked.

From the moment you make your reservation, we will act with an exclusive license of the vehicle between you and the facility, by forwarding the details of your reservation to the relevant facility and by sending you a confirmation e-mail on behalf of the facility.

The information we provide when we fulfill our services is based on the information provided to us by the facilities. Essentially it is ensured that the facilities themselves are responsible for updating all prices, quotas and other information displayed on our internet site as a result of the facilities being given access to an external network.

From any error (including obvious flaws and typographical errors) that we are unable to verify and verify the accuracy, completeness and accuracy of all information, even though we are not capable and careful in reasonable measure when performing our services; (Resulting from possible (temporary and / or partial) failure, repair, improvement or maintenance on our internet site or others); We are not liable for any defects, misleading or untrue information or failure to transmit information.

All facilities are responsible for the accuracy, completeness and accuracy of the information displayed on our internet site (including prices and quotas). Our internet site does not recommend or endorse the quality, service level or rating of any facility on the site, nor should it be assessed in this manner.

Our services are only open to personal and non-commercial use. For this reason, it is prohibited to display, download or reproduce the content or information provided on our website, reselling, deeply linking, using, copying, watching (eg spider, scraping) software, products and services for any commercial or competitive activity or purpose.