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Like many websites, Firefox Hotels ( and common sites (sub-sites and different domain sites) also use cookies to provide you with a more personalized online service. Without cookies we keep all the site's functions active and it is not possible to take advantage of them.

Please note that you have accepted our cookie policy by using our site!

What is a snack?

A cookie is an information string containing only text that you transfer to your computer's hard drive via your Internet browser so that you can remember who you are.

Cookies can not be used in their own right without knowing who you are. A cookie usually contains the name of the domain it came from, the cookie's lifetime, and a value, which is usually a random number. There are also other technological methods that we use for the same purpose, web markers such as labels and pixels, and similar technologies (they all go together as cookies).

How do we use cookies?

Such cookies may be used in the following forms:

1) - Functional cookies

These cookies are used by our website to perform certain functions, so that you can experience a more qualified experience while using your website. For example, ??? Cookie, remember me ?? If you have checked and unchecked, you will be automatically connected to the site.

2) - Performance cookies

Such cookies collect anonymous information about how you use the site to navigate. By combining this information later, we get an idea of ​​how we can improve the way the site works. For example, we use cookies such as Google Analytics or Stat Counter. They make it easy to understand how the walks come to my site, how to navigate the site, and underline the areas where we can improve the experience we offer you. The data stored in these cookies never show any personal information that can be used to identify your identity.

3) - Targeted cookies or Advertising cookies

These cookies collect information about your internet usage habits and help you choose the ads that will appeal to you and your interests. It remembers the websites you visit, and this information is shared with third parties like advertisers. For example, when you visit other sites, we aim to provide you with more personalized ads using third-party companies like Google.

What are the options in your hand?

By changing your Internet browser's settings, you can prevent cookies from being stored on your computer or mobile device without your explicit consent. Help on your Internet browser ?? There are often descriptions of cookie settings in the section. Changing these settings will not prevent you from showing ads, but showing ads may become less appealing to you.

Cookies are intended to make sure that you get the most out of our website, but if you do not want your computer to get a cookie, you can easily change the settings of your web browser to block cookies or let us know when you receive a new cookie. However, if you block cookies, you will not be able to use all the interactive features of my website. Therefore, we recommend that you do not block cookies in order to fully utilize the site and ensure that you enjoy the services we provide. For more information about cookies and detailed instructions on how to prevent cookies from loading your browser, please see here:

Changes to cookie policy

In this cookie policy, we can change the time we wish. If we make any concrete changes to the cookie policy, we will notify you on your first visit to our site after the updated Cookie Policy has been published.

You should keep an eye on the updated version of the Cookie Policy. If you do not wish to accept the updated Cookie Policy, we can not continue to serve you, in which case your only option is to discontinue accessing my website.